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Copper lady
Genre Freestyle
Era 1980s
Music Disco, House
Dancers Madonna, Janet Jackson


Jacking or Jackin', the term by which the form is more commonly known, is a dance technique and music form that first became popular in the late 1980s as one of the myriad music forms which arose from the last days of disco. Though there continues to be some dispute as to a single absolute stylistic origin, "Jacking" music and dance most likely came from the multicultural roots in the early underground Chicago house and London music scenes. Both concepts of Jacking have their origins in various African and types of Latino and Hispanic dance culture, with a fair amount of influence from early European and American disco culture.

Making the moveEdit

Jacking is a dance technique that comes from moving the torso forward and backward in a rippling motion, as if a wave were passing through it. When this movement is repeated and sped up to match the beat of a song it is called jacking, or "the jack." This technique is arguably the most important movement in house dance because it is the foundation that initiates more complex movements and footwork.