88900-jazz hands
The guy from Weezer
Genre Jazz
Era 1920s
Music Jazz
Dancers Al Jonson


The basic jazz hands position is defined by open hands with palms facing forward, and the fingers splayed.

Making the moveEdit

The arm is often straight, with the fingers spread wide open. This hand position is referred to as the jazz hand. This definition if further bolstered by Gus Giordano defining jazz hands as the "[p]alm of [the] hand facing forward with fingers stretched." It is also repeated again in a similar manner by one of Frank Hatchett's instructions in his jazz dance book: "spread fingers (jazz hands); face palms front." Both Gus Gordiano and Frank Hatchett do not include shaking the hands as part of instruction or as a definition for jazz hands. The use of jazz hands in jazz dance does not shake the hands unless the choreographer specifies it (a common perception of the "shake," especially seen in motion picture, is hands may be shaken for added effect, as if holding a tambourine ). A proper "hand" for jazz hands looks as if you are palming a large basketball. This is so that the hand is best seen by the viewers, especially against the lights when on stage. Jazz Hands!